Wood Isle Gin

Tasting Notes

Inspired by the botanicals of Angel Island.

Heavy Juniper and Coriander notes backed by a velvety Lavender & Angelica Root Aroma. The rest of the aromatics contribute to a symphony of background flavors. Best served in a Gin & Tonic to showcase.

History of

Angel Island

The flora of the island is remarkably extensive and interesting. The slopes are heavily wooded on the leeward side, protected as they are from the prevailing westerly winds. The windward exposure, especially on the ridges, is free from bushes and trees, but the grass and wild flowers grow luxuriantly everywhere even on the summit, where the wind blows constantly. Among the trees and bushes the following well-known specimens have been observed: Lupine, manzanita, buckeye, scrub oak, larkspur, eucalyptus, live oak, hazel bush, tallones, romerio, palmas silvestre, wild rose, blackberry bush. The following are some of the grasses, vines and flowers: Wild oats, burr clover, poison oak, alfalfa, cacomites, alfilaria (pin grass), California poppy (eschscholtzia), fox-tail grass, amoles (Indian), ceballa silvestre (wild onion), camer (wild Spanish sunflower), chillicotes (Indian), ferns of various kinds, gloria de la manana (wild morning glory), petota (Indian, used for salads), lengua de boca (cow's tongue), flor de cafe (coffee flower), santa cardo (holy thistle), canary grass (Finley 1902:301).

Seven Stills - Wood Isle Gin