2024 Founders Club

We focus on creating exceptional whiskeys from different styles of craft beer. Each quarter we produce a single-batch whiskey, exclusively for our Founders Club members. Each single-batch whiskey is produced and bottled one time, and will never be made again.

  • What to Expect

    • Guaranteed access to four Founders Club-exclusive quarterly whiskey releases
    • Access to additional, optional allocated bottles from each release
    • First access to purchase new release whiskeys
    • First access to our ultra-limited annual membership bottle
    • Exclusive access to vintage and non-public bottles through our Founders Club Portal
    • Additional savings on whiskey and merchandise apparels
  • Mandala

    Mandala Whiskey stands out as a bold experiment in the whiskey world. Its journey begins with two years of aging in New American Oak casks, infusing it with a traditional robustness. The final flourish comes from its finishing in freshly dumped mezcal casks, a process that imparts an extraordinary smoky depth, bridging two distinct spirits traditions in one harmonious blend.

    Single Cask: 53 gallons
    Bottled at cask strength (119 proof)

  • Borrowed Time

    Borrowed Time" stands out for its traditional approach, enhanced by an innovative finishing process. Aged initially for two years in charred oak casks, it gains a classic whiskey character. The final touch, a finish in a blend of bourbon and rye casks, infuses it with an extra layer of complexity, making it a testament to the art of whiskey making.

  • Golden Temper

    "Golden Temper" stands out for its indulgent imperial stout base, meticulously aged for two years in New American Oak casks, which imparts a robust and velvety character. The subsequent finishing in ex-brandy barrels adds an exquisite complexity and a subtle, yet discernible, layer of sophistication, making it a truly exceptional stout.

  • Threat Level Midnight

    "Threat Level Midnight" is a testament to innovation in whiskey crafting. Its journey begins as a blend of barrel-aged stouts, aging in ex-whiskey casks for three years, adding depth and complexity. The double distillation transforms the beer into a refined spirit, which is then matured in New American Oak, and finally, finished in brandy barrels, culminating in a whiskey that is both bold and exceptionally smooth.

  • KO Chocasmoke

    "KO Chocasmoke" distinguishes itself with its base of chocolate oatmeal stout and the inclusion of peat smoked malted barley, offering a rare and enticing flavor profile. The double aging – first in New American Oak and then in freshly dumped Scotch barrels – adds layers of complexity, making this whiskey a bold statement in the world of spirits.