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We specialize in whiskeys distilled from different styles of craft beer.

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Seven Stills Whiskey

Whiskey Made From Craft Beer

All whiskeys are made by:

1) Cooking a grain (usually barley, corn, or rye) into a mash

2) Fermenting the mash into a "distiller's beer"

3) Distilling this beer into an unaged spirit

4) Aging this spirit in Oak Barrels to create a whiskey

We replace the "distiller's beer" with a high quality, craft beer. This allows us to create incredibly complex and nuanced whiskey that are all incredibly different and unique.

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Seven Stills Founders Club - 2024 Membership

Founders Club - 2024

Enrollment for the 2024 Founders Club starts soon.

Founders Club members are allocated four extremely limited edition Founders Club exclusive whiskeys, and will have first access to KO Chocasmoke 3.

Founders Club

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