Variegated: Exhibiting different, especially as irregular colors, patches and streaks.

The beauty of variegated plants is that each leaf is unique. Each new leaf the plant produced appears different from the last.

Native Transplants

We are a San Diego hybrid distillery/nursery that focuses on rare and exotic tropical plants.

Thai Constellation

Monstera Deliciosa - Thai Con Var

Known for their "constellations" of speckled variegation.

Monstera Aurea

Monstera Deliciosa - Aurea Var

The Aurea features incredible tri-color lime, white and green variegation.

Monstera Albo

Monstera Deliciosa - Albo Var

Albos are stunning specimens, known for their sought after half-moon variegation.

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About Us

Native Transplants Founder, Tim Obert: Tim is a San Diego native, who spent the least 10 years building Seven Stills Distillery in San Francisco.

"After the pandemic I decided to uproot myself and my business and move back down to San Diego. As I re-established my distillery, I became fascinated with the tropical plants that flourished in San Diego that reminded me of my favorite exotic vacations.

I was discouraged by the price gouging of rare plants, so decided to start importing them for myself, which led to the foundation of Native Transplants, which focuses on the rare plants I love, but without the price gouging."

Adansonii + Rhaphidophora

Monstera Adansonii - Adansonii Var

Known as the swiss cheese plant, these Monstera feature unique fenestrations

Syngonium + Aglaonema

Flowering tropical plants native to Mexico, the West Indies, Central and South America.


Rare and hard to find philodendron with unique leaf shapes, sizes and fenestrations.

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