• Thai Constellation

    We are a rare and exotic tropical plant importer, and specialize in the Thai Constellation.

    Our Small Thai Constellations are perfect for plant enthusiasts looking to add this highly sought after plant to their collection, without the sticker shock that many larger plants come with.

    The Small Thai Constellations are all fully rooted plants, that are generally 8-12" tall with 2-5 small to medium sized leaves. Some of the top leaves are developing fenestrations (i.e holes) that will continue to expand as the plant matures.

    Our Thai Cons 
  • Albos and Aureas

    We love variegated Monstera Deliciosa! We regularly stock large Monstera Albos and Aureas, as well as single leaf fully rooted cuttings that are starting to grow!

    Albos & Aureas 
  • Adansonii & Tetrasperma

    The incredible swiss cheese and mini-Monstera are absolute show stoppers. We regularly stock variegated adansonii and