Golden Temper - 2024 Tentative Framework - Founders

Golden Temper - 2024 Tentative Framework - Founders

Here is a little bit of a teaser of what I'm working on for the new venture.  

2024 Founders Club: 
I would like to start the company with a club.  I believe that this is going to be the best route because it will let me produce only what is pre-sold and will give me a solid foundation from which to build the company.  

The tentative plan for the Founders Club is to release four unique whiskeys per year (one per quarter), with a bonus anniversary bottle at the end of the year.  

Each of the whiskeys will begin with a high quality craft beer base that will be double distilled, and aged in New American Oak barrels.  

After maturation each whiskey will go into a complimentary secondary cask where it will be finished.  

Quarter One: The first quarter will pay homage to Five Pounds, and will be a high malted barley grain bill, consisting primarily of two-row malted barley with added oats for mouthfeel and flavor in the finished spirit.  The base beer will be hopped in secondary fermentation with very citrus forward hops, resulting in an efervescent spirit.  The spirit will then age in New American Oak barrels for a year prior to being transferred to wet Mezcal barrels for finishing.  

I am to produce 53 gallons of this spirit, yielding a total of about 500 750ml bottles.  

Quarter Two: Quarter two will start as a high adjunct base beer, loaded with specialty malts like dark and roasted malts, and crystal malts for added depth and flavor.  The spirit will age in New American Oak casks for one year.  It will then be transferred to a freshly dumped bourbon cask for finishing.  

Quarter Three: The third quarter will start as a much richer and more decadent spirit, loaded with oats and enhanced with coffee malt, and crystal 120 for added depth.  The whiskey will then age in New American Oak casks prior to being transferred to freshly dumped brandy barrels for finishing.  

Quarter Four: The fourth quarter will begin as Chocasmoke whiskey.  This is our most award winning and renowned whiskey, distilled from a chocolate oatmeal stout with peat smoked malted barley.  The whiskey will age in New American Oak prior to being transferred to freshly dumped scotch barrels.  

Anniversary One: The 2024 Anniversary bottle will be a blend of barrel aged imperial stouts that were aged in whiskey casks for three years prior to distillation.  The distillate will first mature in New American Oak barrels prior to being finished in a sherry cask.  


Membership Spots: 
To begin with I plan to open the club up to a total of 300 members.  Each member will receive one 750ml bottle from each release.  Membership will be $400 per year, billed either upfront at $400 plus shipping, or quarterly for $125 per quarter plus shipping.  


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